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saving on cost and time

Consulting with a Project Manager at the beginning is proven to cut timings and costs. Planning in detail all the practical elements before the build starts reduces the need for change further down the line. A Project Manager knows which details you need to be thinking about now and the decisions that need to be taken early on.

A Project Manager has working connections with sub-contractors and suppliers, which means he knows the best source of materials and can negotiate trade discounts. He can also suggest alternatives that may be more economical and which you may not have considered. In fact, many clients find that the cost of hiring a Project Manager more than pays for itself through the resulting savings.

Much of the day to day running of the project is taken out of your hands and put into the hands of a professional who is there to keep an eye on site management, and order materials at the right time.

bringing plans to life

Visualising your building project is key to minimizing alterations once building work starts - potentially saving you time and money. Making sure you understand exactly how your plans will translate into a building is a skill your Project Manager can bring to the table.

making it work

What you would like and what is workable may vary. Once you hit the ground, what was feasible on a set of plans may encounter problems. It’s at times like these that your Project Manager can trouble-shoot the un-foreseens and come up with workable solutions. Areas of insurance, health and safety, tenders and warranties can be a minefield - your Project Manager can guide you through all of this.

quality control

A Project Manager knows what he is looking for, both during construction, and on finish. The possibility of a client paying for over-priced labour or poor quality materials is infinitely reduced when you have a Project Manager exercising rigorous quality control and overseeing sign off.

representing the client

It can be easy to lose sight of the finished product you originally envisaged once building work starts. A Project Manager represents the client to ensure you get the final outcome that YOU want.